Vinyl record production

Did you think that the sun has set on vinyl records and that CDs have fully replaced them? Wrong! On the contrary – classic gramophone records are making a big comeback. The reasons are the sound quality – significantly higher than from a regular CD – and also the current fashion for retro style. After all, what could be better than an evening sitting in a dimly lit room with a glass of wine at hand, putting a record on a quality turntable, placing the needle and enjoying music in peace – undistorted and rich sound thanks to the vinyl.

headphones arranged over some old 45 rpm records

Did you know that we can produce vinyl records in quantities as low as 300 pieces? Ask us for a calculation, or contact us for more information.

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Why vinyl records?

Compared to CDs, which contain 22-bit audio recordings, vinyl records can have up to 96-bit recordings. It only depends on the quality of the source audio you provide; in any event you have the possibility of giving your listeners a music event beyond their normal digital experience.


We produce vinyl records from as few as 300 pcs.
Significantly higher sound quality than from regular CDs.
An original gift for music fans and listeners.
An attractive gift for your business partners - we also produce gramophone records with full-colour printing across the whole recording area, not only on the label. This means that, for example, the logo and slogan of your company may feature anywhere on the surface of the record, or a photograph or other image. For more see the chapter on types of gramophone records.

We produce classic vinyl records in all formats. We can also produce your records in other colours than black, including cardboard sleeves with printing. Picture disk – disks with a full-colour printing over the whole surface. We produce both packaging and accompanying printed materials.