Production of audio cassettes

Production of audio cassettes

Increasing interest has encouraged us to offer a new service of recorded audio cassette production.

Even though this is a relatively old technology, it still has enough fans, and surprisingly – after years of clinical death – its popularity is again rising sharply.

The cassette still has plenty of advantages: it is portable, has flexible length (from 10 to 100 minutes), is resistant to mechanical damage, its packaging allows the production of truly comprehensive printed matter, and we can combine different coloured packaging and cassette bodies.


We currently offer two different systems for duplication and two types of magnetic tape:


Copying technology:

  • Real Time:  the best way to reproduce a very wide frequency range – this achieves very clear reproduction throughout the recording with absolute minimum noise.
  • 4x Speed:  a cheaper and faster duplication method. The sound quality remains very good, but the noise level is a little higher. This is not suitable for classical or extremely dynamic music.


Tape type:

  • Ferro (FE):  warmer sound, slight limitations at the peaks – this is the best choice for lovers of audio cassettes.
  • Chrome (CrO2): highly detailed reproduction, the same frequency characteristics as with CD. The best for Hi-Fi reproduction.


We also of course offer the production of printed materials and labels for cassettes.