About the company

We offer a complete CD and DVD production and vinyl record pressing service. We produce all CD and DVD formats with an external diameter of 120mm and 80mm, and vinyl records. As established professionals in the industry with over twenty years of experience, we can offer you top-class services and guarantee low prices while maintaining the highest product and service quality.

for 24 years

we have operated at a high professional level

our 30 000+

completed orders have provided us with priceless experience

rate of 99%

of our customer satisfaction gives meaning to our work


We have been here for you since 1991 and are one of the largest and oldest companies producing CDs and DVDs.

24 years of practice and over 30 000 fulfilled orders are our guarantee of quality and experience, which we continue to develop and improve to ensure your 100% satisfaction with your order.

In 2006 the production group was divested from DISKUS, spol. s r.o., leading to the establishment of Dataservis group, spol. s r.o., which focuses solely on production. We have significantly strengthened our capacity for low-volume production and commenced operation of our own printing and packing machines, enabling us to flexibly react to all your requirements.

At present, our main focus is on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray production, printing on blank CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, disk completion, production of printed materials and bulk burning/copying on new memory media. We also produce vinyl records.

We are constantly working to improve our services and therefore welcome any of your comments and suggestions to improve our range and thus increase your satisfaction.

We are distinguished from other similarly focused companies primarily by our high flexibility, our professional team with years of experience, and – above all – satisfied customers including the most prestigious domestic and foreign bands and companies, as well as small new bands, enthusiast programmers, artists, etc.

Your complete satisfaction is our priority!

Your Dataservis group team